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Vanbloom Graphic Design Service


Vanbloom is derived by combining my name, Vanessa Bloomfield and was created in 2007.  Based on the Gold Coast, Vanbloom has worked with industries in Council, Elite Clubs, IT Sectors, Fashion, Health, Real Estate, Landscaping, Building and Mining to name a few; with Clients coming from all States within Australia.

Being a small boutique service, I offer a fresh, innovative service for all your business needs including new start up packages, branding, business cards, corporate stationery, promotional material, flyers, magazines, reports, signage and much more.   

Quite simply I love to design, creating bespoke visuals to convey your message to your Clientele and helping your business stand out amongst it's competitors. 

Definition / Concept for Logo [ Vanessa is a feminine given name, in 1726 the name appeared in print for the first time. Vanessa was adopted as the name of a genus of butterfly by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1807.]  



Vanbloom Graphic Design can help your business create inspiring, individualistic designs to give your project the maximum impact.  It is my aim to provide you with strong visuals consistent to your Brand, helping your business stand out amongst it's competitors, to show your own unique personality.



Vanbloom Graphic Design will work with you at the beginning of your project turning your ideas into reality.  The process will include taking a detailed brief, assessing your target demographic, providing marketing ideas and producing designs for review. Upon agreeance of final revisions, final artwork can be supplied either print-ready or in hard-copy format.